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1] To Fulfill a Dream 

2] To bring in passive income 

3] To help me start a business 

4] To grow my existing business beyond five or six figures
If you’re like many writers we know, you didn’t study writing, marketing or business in school. Instead, you got to be really, really good at something else and you sold that talent to someone else (an employer). One day, you woke up and decided to treat that itch that still hadn’t been scratched – your dream of becoming a published writer.
Now you’re ready. You’re truly ready to develop the book you always dreamed of creating, but now you need help because it probably wasn’t long before you realized that putting fingers to keyboard (or even pen to paper) is only part of the writing process. You wrote 100 pages or seven chapters. You self-edited and deleted some portions and added new text. You fell in love with the thesaurus until you realized you were creating something unreadable as a result of your multiple word changes. You got stuck and didn’t know how to get unstuck. You now realize you need assistance. 
1] I’m an expert in my field, but it doesn’t come across in writing because content is more important than grammar and spelling to me. I need a proofreader. 

2] I get stuck in areas as I write, then quit. I need a consultation. 

3] My work is exciting to me, but I’m not sure how to improve it so that it’s exciting to a broader audience. I need a betareader

4] I’m creative, so my book seems a bit scattered rather than the cohesive read my audience needs. I don’t know how to do this without sacrificing my creativity. I need guidelines.  
Your Business
It might have also been a bit staggering when you realized you’re running or will be running a business dedicated to your writing. Success means a lot more than just being technically great at writing. You have to market yourself, lure prospective fans, prove your writing is awesome, set-up your publishing platform, build your social media presence, chase payments, manage editing and clients, and so on.  
But if you’re like many published authors we work with, you weren’t prepared for the realities of running an online business. As we began working with other writers in the self-publishing world, we realized we had to focus on more than just our clients’ writing needs; we also needed to provide training and resources that would equip them to meet their marketing needs as self-publishing business owners.

When our writers first start their writing businesses, they’re often overwhelmed with what they don’t know. Many still think and act like employees rather than business owners. They don’t know how to price their products (books, manuals, etc.) accurately.  
As we've built and grown our businesses, adapting to meet the changing needs of our client base or learning how to use new technologies to expand growth, we've had our shares of growing pains. We know first-hand every fear, thrill, joy and moment of panic you've had or will experience.  
Because we never quit, even when it might have felt easier at the time:

• We figured out how to systematically and proactively find clients rather than making them find us. 

• We put into place processes that ensure we get paid on-time and/or up-front. 

• And most of all, we ended up with a predictable, reliable, and stable business. 
Helping you avoid many of the mistakes we made so that you can become truly successful is our #1 goal here at BookMark-It. 

For the last 25+ years, we’ve helped countless bestsellers, aspiring authors and entrepreneurs learn how to master the business behind their business. We’ve filtered our experience into bite-sized, actionable lessons that we wish we’d had when we were starting. 

So if you’re looking to build a profitable business and avoid much of the self-help fluff that’s usually associated with self-publishing advice, you’re in the right place. (The only fluff we like is in our fluffernutter sandwiches.) 

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Our Story, by Reese
I met Susie at the tender age of eight. I was in third grade, she was in fourth. If you remember the unspoken-but-essential rules of playground hierarchy, you understand that she was on the Big Kids side and I was on the Little Kids side.

While Susie and I are both strict 
 adherents to “the rules,” she made me feel welcome when I was new to the school because kindness is simply her nature.
We were friends through grade school, junior high and high school. Attending colleges in different areas of the nation before the internet existed (juuuuuuust before the internet existed—don’t assume we’re older than we are!) made it nearly impossible to stay in touch. 

Susie went on to become the marketing genius she always was, so successful that she was able to start and run her own marketing company, Q2Mark. I went on to share my passion for literature and words as the teacher I was meant to be. 

I’ve been betareading, editing, proofing and writing copy for more than 26 years, but I never realized it was a “real business.” You see, I was a teacher for ten of those years (English, Social Studies, Journalism), so I saw it as a hobby for which I happened to get paid. 

When I had the opportunity to go full-time in this career, I was booked solid with repeat clients and other writers they’d recommended to me. I never advertised my business. I never marketed my skills. The phone just rang. But it didn’t always ring off the hook. 

Then Susie Hays of Q2Mark set me straight. While we’ve known each other since grade school, and I still love(d) copywriting for her more than for any other marketing agency. It was probably a year into freelance writing for Q2Mark when Susie asked me why I wasn’t treating my business as, well...as a business.

I resist change. As a result, I didn’t act right away on her suggestions. But she’d put that thought in my mind, which niggled at me. Relentlessly. When I was finally ready to put myself and my business into her capable hands, she was ready with open arms. I, however, was not prepared for the work I’d have to do. 

I assumed I’d pay her and she’d magically create a logo, website and everything else by the next day. But noooooo. I had to dig deep. I had to recognize where I was failing as a business owner and decide which of her strategy solutions I could implement. Susie probably wanted to box my ears at least once a day, but she pushed and pulled instead. That struggle has resulted in making us a better team for you here at BookMark-It. (Plus, I still have my ears!) 

Susie is the marketing guru; I’m the wordsmith. By harnessing our individual strengths, you get the best of both worlds. 
Our Reviews

“As an author and composer looking to self-publish a series of eBooks and launch a new online business, I spent months researching an approach to develop a digital/social media savvy business thinking I could do it all myself. As this self-education progressed, I quickly became overloaded with ideas, but not knowing how to effectively use them – what I really needed was a roadmap to get from point A to point Z for launching my books and growing my business. I had always considered hiring outside consulting, but my funds were limited and I needed to find the right person for my budget. Thankfully Susie Hays was on my radar. 

I had been talking with Susie for nearly a year and was impressed with her knowledge, quick insight and positive attitude in getting me started. I kept saying to myself, “When I am ready, this is the person I want as my guide.” 

I finally took the plunge and my good old self pep talk couldn’t have been more on point! Susie’s business launch program was exactly what I needed. Her program was fantastic. It walked me through each stage of marketing my eBooks, helped me identify areas that needed attention, broke down those stubborn areas of resistance, and demystified the terminology, so that I now have a good grasp of marketing my series. Her communication was full of valuable insights, resources and ideas. Best of all, she helped me become self-sufficient going forward.  

Within a few months, I had a strategic roadmap to launch my business, my website is headed in the right direction, my offers and list building plans are falling into place, AND I understand the defined target markets for my business to gain traction. 

I absolutely recommend Susie to those who need to publicize their organizations, promote their books, launch their tours and beyond.- Joanna Brouk, Author & Composer www.JoannaBrouk.com 

"Best investment I ever made was hiring Reese as my betareader. Her nondisclosure makes me feel safe to send her my rough drafts." - D.F. 

"If you're looking for a plot doc, Reese is your gal. When I'm working on a book and my characters stop speaking to each other, I call on Reese's expertise. She reads my copy, then we schedule a phone coaching call. She always wants to know more about the story outline and plot. Damn it, it's always the plot! By the time we tweak things, the story is moving faster and my characters are talking faster than I can type. Reese is my Plot Doc for a reason--she's always got the Rx for my stories." - A StC 

"If you want practical and impartial editing, don't hire Reese Johnson. She'll mark your manuscript up like a purple-ink-loving lunatic, but she'll love you through your rewrites. You'll hate her at least once through every book edit, but you'll love her forever because she helped you turn good writing into great writing that sells." - M.S. 

"Reese is m secret weapon. My literary agent doesn't even know about her. Why? I have dyslexia so I need a critical eye with gentle instruction. Nine of my books have made the NYT top 10 best seller list. I also have 2 RITA nominations. None of it would be possible without Reese. She took the time to talk to me and took notes to help me later. She loved my characters and their stories. Every time I hang up from a coaching call with her, I can't wait to get back to my computer. I know she'll catch my errors before my agent or publisher get my final draft." - AMD 

“Susie is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has incredible insight and instincts for marketing and communications, and is constantly thinking through new ways to communicate product advantages and branding for her clients. My direct experience working with Susie is that she is methodical, creative and skilled in her ability to communicate the vision and message of a company and/or product. She thinks five steps ahead and is always considering how any action, no matter how small, will affect the overall message and strategy, an essential skill for anyone involved in marketing a brand or product. She takes her client’s requests to heart and works methodically, diligently, and with the highest amount of integrity to deliver results on time. Most importantly she is kind, compassionate and honest. I would not hesitate to work with her or for her on any future projects.” - Gabrielle Klein 

“Working with Susie on a number of high profile projects over the years has been an amazing experience. Susie’s incredible work ethic, creativity and organization skills alone put her in a whole new class of what is considered marketing professional. It’s not everyday that you find someone in the marketing world that truly takes the time and effort to truly understand a company’s brand, social culture, sales team and products to such a granular detail. This alone is what sets her apart and makes her so effective in leading entrepreneurs and businesses in consistent growth time and time again. I highly recommend Susie if you are ready to get serious and take your business to the next level as turn-key professionals like her are very hard to come by.” - Justin Sutton 

“Susie is a pleasure to work with. She is highly skilled at developing targeted, professional and innovative branding concepts from start to finish to ensure ultimate success. I have enjoyed working with Susie on several marketing projects throughout the past 9+ years and am consistently impressed by her talent, passion and creativity.” - Katherine Mansfield 

“Susie is an extremely professional and gifted Marketing Communications and Branding Consultant. In only a short time she brought my company into the social media marketing world at a crucial time as it is a staple in all industries and positive changes were seen immediately. Our company benefited from her insight, ideas and decades of experience. I would recommend Susie without question. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her, work with her and experience the talent she has to create advantages for companies to achieve greater heights.” - Roy Fleischer 

“Susie is a remarkable marketing communications and business development professional. Her mastery of branding expertise, new media, and solid comprehension of business processes brought our company to life and turned our concept into a viable organization. She is an exceptional talent. I’d enthusiastically recommend Susie to anyone seeking marketing advancements at the highest level.” - Kevin Ellis 

"Reese edited my honor's thesis in college. I had spent so long writing, re-writing, and trying to edit that I couldn't even see straight. She caught every missing comma, mis-spelling, and word usage issue. It was a tremendous blessing for me to focus on content knowing that she had my back when it came to grammar, organization, and verbiage. I have had Reese edit everything of importance that I have ever written and will continue to do so." -DSF

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